Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve

Much of what we thought of naming the relationship that brings men to women is that the best example of the embodiment of this meaning is Adam's relationship with Eve

It is known that there are many differences between Adam and Eve from the organic and legislative aspects and behavioral and personal aspects, as well as in the methods of upbringing, education and social roles. Of course, human life does not continue and does not settle without the connection of Adam Bhwa .. All religions, philosophies and laws to regulate this relationship and set controls And support. In the current era there have been many changes in the forms and nature of this relationship .. There are ideas and theories and efforts of scientific, intellectual, psychological and social attempts to understand this relationship and improve its performance and alleviate the problems
The relationship between Adam and Eve often fails because men understand why a woman can not be like a man ... and also because women expect men to have their reactions like him
But to understand the nature of the relationship between Adam and Eve we have to understand what Adam means and what Eve means ..
Adam is a simple concept representing man
Where the husband feels safe with him

Or the brother we resort to when facing problems

Or the son who bears the name of his father and his memory

The tent that preserves the family entity

Father who protects his sons

The fighter in defense of the house

Seeking a living and providing it to the family

In the end, Adam is the fence that protects his home and his family and is the center of appreciation and respect and keep secrets in his presence to fear the family

As for Eve or the woman, what does she mean?
It is the woman with all the meaning of the word meaning that the wife loves her husband and her family

Mother who nurtures her children and spies them from her love and affection

Sister who takes care of her sisters and protects them

The righteous daughter of her parents

The compassion that surrounds her family

Fulfillment of unlimited and unconditional love and love living on memories

She is the manager of the house, and she manages the affairs of the family and the mastermind without her. The house does not have a soul, and chaos prevails in a house like the flower that gives the smells of happiness and tenderness to the house.

In order to talk about the nature of Adam and Eve, we must address this relationship best concept is the Islamic concept of the relationship is the best description of this relationship since the fact that the relationship between Adam and Eve in Islam is an integrative relationship and not a competitive relationship as it is with the West. In the sense that they complement each other.
Islam considers Adam and Eve as one thing, man, and that man is complementary to one another, men and women, but because both species differ in physical and psychological composition, but not differences of antagonism, but differences of complementarity. The physical nature of men is complementary to the nature of women, and each of them can not refrain from complementing themselves with the other, so marriage became a humanitarian necessity, since the sexes can not dispense with each other
The survival of Adam and Eve in this life can not be through this integration, even if they are independent of each other to be a competitor to the end of life.
Adam's physical and psychological strength suits the face of the outside life of the family to protect and nourish it, and the physical and psychological weakness of Eve suits the tranquility and tranquility that the family needs in its internal family atmosphere.
Therefore, the complementary relationship between Adam and Eve is what envelops the family entity safely.
Eve is neither less nor more than Adam in her human worth, nor her faithful stature, they are both in value, but different in role and function.
Both Adam and Eve are charged in Islam, but their respective roles in life vary according to their physical and psychological nature, and their innate potentials.
This is the justice of Islam, the mercy of Islam, and the wisdom of Islam.
The man and woman each in the Muslim family and the Muslim community role that complement the role of the other, and the function that does not contradict the function of the other,.
And to conclude
Adam's qualities complement the life of Eve and the qualities of Eve complementary to the life of Adam and there are common qualities between them to be partners and sympathetic to the formation of a happy family Hanah