Marriage sites is the solution?

Marriage sites is the solution?

It may sound like an attempt by Mona to convince you of an outsider's idea of our society in recent times

Are you a rejectionist of the traditional marriage idea (or so-called saloon marriage)?

Are you who love work and ability to physical independence and lose marriage have one of its components is your dependence on the husband just for the idea of spending?

In the last era, the alternative of marriage sites was called "Al-Khatbah". It is a master of social relations that reconcile the two parties in terms of physical and social status by collecting pictures of girls and boys, presenting them,
And developed the matchmaker and became a representative (friend, neighbor or colleague in the work) seeks to achieve this consensus through its perception of the person in terms of printing, ambition and social status and to reconcile the right person to him
In the end, it is a social network, but the development of time is bigger and faster, and the match turned into "marriage sites"
Marriage sites ........... Natural evolution of the idea of the matchmaker due to the economic, social and political problems faced by all countries, whether Arab or foreign, there are many reasons, including:
So young people are unable to afford the marriage, which makes it less than a means to put the material conditions without embarrassment and fear of acceptance or rejection.

As a result of the revolutions, wars and political conditions, women have been looking for the right way to achieve the dream of marriage and stability anywhere and in any way through their virtual world, the Internet.

In addition to the reasons why we are unable to solve this problem in traditional ways, and therefore there are many reasons for resorting to marriage sites .. Others, including delayed marriage age and fear of obsession obsession.

But there are a lot of marriage sites, how to check them ??
By means of marriage sites that are under strict administrative control and have their own laws and rules that protect them, and should enjoy complete confidentiality, and not just sites for entertainment, and illegal desires or to manipulate the feelings of its users without achieving its basic purpose, each of us has a mind and his ability This is done through your knowledge of the site and its laws.
And remains the question of religion and Islamic Sharia in the rule of establishing marriage sites? And is it prevalent in all countries?
The State of Kuwait has declared the places of marriage and considered them to be of trust
And then the state of Saudi Arabia became more widespread in closed societies
And also the State of Egypt and was the opinion of the Egyptian House of Fatwa Kaltali:
There is nothing wrong with the establishment of these sites and joining them as long as the project and the analyst, and the misuse of this site either by its users or by the administration of its own sin.
And analyzed by the permissible limits of law and religion and there are Islamic marriage sites that apply these rules and laws already.
In the end, marriage sites are only a way to achieve (share) Marriage is estimated and written by God Almighty, but the development of society and multiple ways and means.
If you want to use marriage sites, you should be careful and deal with a reliable marriage site to ensure that you get your goal and wish you success.