What are the types of marriage?

What are the types of marriage?

There are many questions that stand before us on the subject of marriage and its types and where it is halal or haraam. In our Arab society there are several types of marriage imposed by economic and social conditions and also some external circumstances such as imitating Western societies. Sharia and religion.

Marriage or legal marriage:
Which is the marriage that meets all the conditions in full: acceptance between the two men and women and:
Determining a proper dowry where it is not valid to hold without a dowry.

As well as the right of the girl to choose the appropriate life partner

The presence of witnesses where there must be two witnesses to the contract

The last condition of legal marriage is publicity, which is the knowledge of parents and relatives about marriage

Marriage of Misyar:
Is that a man's marriage to a woman is a legitimate contract by which he meets the staff. However, in this marriage, the wife relinquishes housing and alimony, and the opinion of the religious scholars in this marriage they say is a legitimate marriage, but the wife waives some of her rights. This marriage is often the second or third marriage where it is rare for a man to marry for the first time in his life. Misyar is a type of polygamy. In this marriage, too, the principle of justice must be fulfilled in the food, drink, and housewife. But the difference here is that the wife is in conflict with some of the conditions in her desire. The most prominent thing in this marriage is that women are free to choose some of their rights
Fun marriage:
In this marriage, a man marries a woman for a certain amount of money for a certain period. The marriage ends at the end of the specified period without divorce, and there are no conditions such as spending or housing, and no inheritance occurs if one of the spouses dies before the other.
It was narrated that the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: "O people, I have permitted you to enjoy women, and Allaah has forbidden this until the Day of Judgment. Whoever has one of them has something to enter. .
Narrated by Muslim in Saheeh Muslim on the authority of Sabra ibn al-Jahni, page number: (1406)

Customary marriage:
In this marriage, the man writes a contract between him and the woman and the contract is a statement about a paper that recognizes in this paper that his wife and two testify on them and this paper in two copies with one man and another with the woman and different from the rest of the types of legal marriage considered to be not registered in court or The specialized body, or the incomplete conditions or elements that must be met to complete the legal marriage contract properly

The rule of customary marriage is different according to what was done by the defect or deficiency, if one of the main contract was lost, the contract was incomplete and need to be completed if the shortage does not affect the validity of the completion of the contract. However, the deficiency in the contract is nullifying the contract and depriving it of Which means the need to annul and differentiate between the two married couples