The decision of separation by Eve

The decision of separation by Eve

The decision of separation between the two partners of the most difficult decisions, so must give the opportunity to the other side of the relationship and resolve differences and understanding and patience
The decision to secede in relation to the wife is a difficult decision, especially if she has strong feelings of love and there are stronger reasons for love make Eve take the decision to secede, and thus move away from the most cherished people to her heart
The female in general decides to break away from her partner if she loses the meaning of safety. The man decides to break out quickly without thinking well if another woman enters his life and makes him feel happy with her and understands her needs.
Before you decide on separation you have to think about these things
Have you done what you can to handle things, and make those relationships work?

Does the other party want to break the relationship?

Do you respect the feelings of others? Are you sure of not being wronged?

Have you thought about your life after separation? Is it better than continuing that relationship?

You have to come to yourself and answer these questions so much separation is a difficult decision and must be thought good, relationships found to feel safe, stable and happy, any relationship deprives you of peace of mind and turn your life into a life miserable national disposal, but after thinking well, and seek to cure
Reasons why Eve makes the decision to secede:
The character of Eve differs from one woman to another, and separation is inevitable when the ten between the spouses is bad and become impossible
When a wife feels the last concerns of his wife, he is given greater attention to other things, such as his friends, his family, his work, going out and entertainment alone

When you do not find it next to it, and when you find it does not need it and does not share it interest

When she finds her husband busy about her all the time and does not have time to talk to her, she feels lonely and lacks her sense of safety with him

May be the reasons for the separation of infidelity, touching the dignity feel that her survival with her husband just insult her and her dignity

The husband's lack of respect for his wife, and the absence of frankness

When the differences between them, whether in thinking, ambition or lifestyle in general

The jealousy is exaggerated by the husband who may reach doubt