Conditions of marriage validity and the effects of legal marriage

Conditions of marriage validity and the effects of legal marriage

The fundamentals of choosing husband and wife are very important and must be clear, logical and most important of all must be in accordance with the criteria set by Islam. For example, a husband should be a Muslim and abide by all the laws of Islam in his life. This is because the man who believes in Allaah, may God's prayers and peace be upon him, fears Allaah if he loves his wife, even if he does not love her, does not oppress her or insult her. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): Relatives of the husband applies to his children and it is desirable that there be a thaw in the appearance also: (The best women that if you look at your sister and if I ordered you obeyed and if you are absent from the maintenance in itself and owner)
The conditions for the validity of the marriage are dependent on the validity of the reptile, so that if found, the zeal is legitimate and these conditions are as follows:
1. The woman's solution to marry the man who wants to marry her, is not haraam for any of the reasons of temporary prohibition or life

2. Proclamation of the marriage of two witnesses and guardian of women, for saying peace be upon him (no marriage except poly and Shahidi justice)

The marriage, which has fulfilled its pillars and ribbons, has legitimate effects:
1 - Enjoy each of the spouses to the other as authorized by law unless it prevents him such as menstruation or obstetrics.

2. The ruling in the legitimate house that the husband prepares for her, so that the woman is prohibited from going out of it except with the husband's permission, because Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): "

3. The dowry of the dowry is prescribed in the contract, and the wife is entitled to it

4. It is obligatory to make alimony with its elements, ie food, housing and clothing

5. The sanctity of marriage is prohibited, in the sense that the wife is deprived of the husband's assets and branches, and that the husband is deprived of the assets of the wife and her descendants. However, in some cases the woman has the same contract, as in the case of the wife's assets.

6. The percentage of children from this marriage is stated as "the child is for the bed and for the non-mahram."

7 - The right of inheritance between the spouses is prohibited unless it is forbidden to do so.

8 - The necessity of justice between wives in their rights at the multiplicity of any settlement between them in rights such as the section in the verses and maintenance of various elements, and love and heart inclination, this is not owned by Aisha said: "The Messenger of Allah swear by justice and say: This is my division while I do not trust me as you own I have, "said Tirmidhi means love and affection.

9 - The obligation of obedience to the wife to her husband if he calls her to bed, because Allaah says in the Qur'aan: "And you are like those who are good and men have a degree." Ibn al-'Arabi said: It means obedience, which is a general right. Except with him, but do not obey him in your best for my family, "Ask good women and if that is the rights of the wife to the husband, it has also to improve his good.

Dear young men and women coming to marry The purpose of this article is to know that the decision of marriage has dependencies and conditions and duties and when you take the decision to marry you have confidence that you Qaderi to fulfill the husband's rights and the wife to be standing as capable of fulfilling the rights of the husband.