First year marriage differences

First year marriage differences

Achieve the dream of marriage and stability for each of us and start each party aspires to realize the dreams he had dreamed of throughout his life.

The husband hopes to find his wife always beautiful, flattered, and thin by all aspects of femininity that he always imagines, and waiting for the most beautiful pattern found in the engagement period, and the wife waiting for the auctioneer was still dreaming and the treatment and kind feeling
After the honeymoon (the month of Hanieh, passion and idealism exaggerated) each party begins to show the real print, which grew up and raised it without a compliment shows the difference and here shows disagreement.
Each person grew up and lived years of his life away from each other in different living conditions and different ambitions, for example:
Someone who loves the system and considers it a partner 's lifestyle does not represent a part of his or her life and the difference starts on things that may be simple but remain a point of contention.

Someone else who loves life and exits likes to spend his free time or weekly vacation outside the house and his partner is not like that. He likes to spend time at home watching TV or surfing the internet.

A person who enjoys social relations and social relationships with people and has a lot of friends and is busy solving their problems and considers them a part of his daily life and met by his partner is an object criticizing those behaviors.

The difference of ambitions between the couple, for example a loving party to spend his money in the renovation of furniture or buy the latest electronics and meet his partner loves to save for the purchase of real estate.

The differences between the spouses and prepare to avoid the dispute must:
To qualify each of the parties to the relationship itself to the occurrence of these differences and to avoid stubbornness away from the way of life and debate between them.

To be convinced that each of them need the other and complement each other and seek each party to the success of that relationship described by the Holy Quran (Charter heavy).

The transparency and frankness of a large role in the success of that relationship is not called for lying and beautification and must put everyone criticism in a manner that preserves the other party feelings and presence.

Thinking well before the marriage decision Is the partner a degree of social and intellectual educational compatibility? Do you share common aspirations and a common way of life?

Each party must realize that whatever the dispute has taken place, the decision to secede must be detached from the idea and always try and strive for the success of that relationship and have the personal flexibility and ability to adapt to a different character from his life.