Psychological holes within relationships

Psychological holes within relationships

Each of us has an empty part, a vicious circle, we try to fill it with all the strength we have, in order to keep our face water in front of ourselves and in front of others, and in front of the other party within the Islamic marriage relationship

Fill attempts:

There is someone trying to fill this vacuum by achieving remarkable achievements, and there are those who try to fill the vacuum by achieving fame and stardom in a field
Or by winning the admiration of others, or very attached to money and wealth, or a desperate desire for power
Or by entering into superficial relationships that do not aim at marriage, but all this does not work to close this psychological gap
Because this gap is very deep within it, the way that can fill this void by the sense of merit, and by your attachment to the Lord of the Worlds.

The roots of the problem:

Socializing is the main reason for this. There are those who reach within the family a message that you deserve
There are those who reach the message that it does not deserve, there is a message to him that he deserves the attention of his people only by achieving more achievements
There are those who reach a message that he does not deserve to be present in this world and it was better not to be born from the ground
When exposed to pressure, this psychological hole appears, and the person tries to block it in all ways, but does not feel satisfied
Because from within feel deprivation, and shows this deprivation in relation to objects and objects and people, especially his relationship with the other party within the marriage relationship.

Imprisonment within the Fund:

Most people live in closed enclosures, such as a certain way of thinking, a certain way of interpreting the world, a certain way of dealing with others
A particular way of dealing with a partner / partner, a certain pattern of emotions in response to certain events,
But the problem here is that the majority of people are not fully aware of these funds that imprison themselves inside
Which makes them fall into the trap of repeating events, and they attract the same emotional relations each time the different party.

Family funds:

There are those who live with their children after a divorce and work to deliver a certain message that they are the only source of safety in the absence of a father
Because they are in fact very afraid of losing them, and there are those who enter into a relationship and see the other as everything in this world
And he does not want anything or anyone else and does not want to do anything different from being with the other
There are those who always doubt the other side, whether his wife or wife, and there are those who sacrifice completely for the other
In order to prove to him that he loves him and wants in this world, but in fact all these funds are working to reduce the options available to the person, but you always have the opportunity to be freed from these funds.

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