Emotional relationship with a married man

Emotional relationship with a married man

Getting involved in love with a married man is one of the most puzzling phenomena in the world. This relationship can destroy the girl's reputation, but some girls can not prevent themselves from falling in love with a married man. Happiness is never associated with a married man. There is a dark side not seen by the girl but she wants to pay attention and attention from a person of different sex even though he is a married man.
Reasons for the attraction of the girl to the married man:
The reasons for the girl's attraction to a married man depend on some psychological reasons such as self-esteem and feeling of power. Some girls think they are so attractive that they can steal a man from his wife, but the truth is that if the woman feels good about herself, she will look for a man who is alone.
2. Limited claims:
Many girls who focus on their work prefer married men because they are asked to have limited demands compared to unmarried men. Some girls have no willingness to commit, marry and have children. They believe that the feeling of love from a married man suffices at this time of their lives.
3 - married man is mature and has money:
Many girls believe that a married man has more money and experience than an unmarried man and many girls believe that the married man has more maturity and understands the nature of the woman more and can meet their needs and provides more support than the unmarried man. Another psychological reason for falling in love with a married man is the belief that he has physical security and that if he can secure the material demands of the family, he will also manage the demands of her husband. Money is important for women.
4. Fear of commitment / intimacy:
In some cases, the girl suffers from fear of intimacy or fear of commitment or fear of long-term relationship, so she chooses a man who does not demand a long-term relationship and does not demand a close relationship.
Excuses for the man:
That the girl laughs at his jokes while his wife just lights her head.

The girl tells him how attractive he is at every opportunity.

They do not complain to him about children, bills or housework

Make him feel like a genius.

They care about themselves and their appearance.

She is younger than his wife and makes him feel young.

It is full of vigor and activity

Excuses for women:
There is no fear of commitment.

Proves to herself that she has something that his wife does not own.

You want to feel loved and attractive.

She wants to give her gifts.

You see an attractive man and do not care about the consequences of the relationship.

It's a pleasant experience.

How does the girl prevent herself from becoming another woman? :
Do not have a relationship with a married man The married man wears a ring meaning "I am not available for any relationship with any woman other than my wife"

If a girl discovers that a man loves him, he must leave him because he is a traitor and a liar.

Do not approach the girl much of the married man if her colleague at work or similar He wants to tell the concerns caused by his wife and she wants to save him from the teeth of his wife Nakdip and start the relationship be closer and closer to fall into the trap and find that they have become within them feelings for each girl should advise him To go to a family counselor to solve his problems with his wife instead of getting involved is to solve these problems.

If a man walks in the divorce proceedings from his wife, he is in a situation that does not allow him to enter into an affair with anyone because he wants to collect his family as a result of this marriage and wants to arrange his affairs and organize his life in its new form the girl should move away from him under these circumstances.

It is clear that the girl who has a relationship with a married man believes that he really loves the evidence that he had a relationship with her during his marriage and enjoy the experience, but wake up to a disaster that he has decided to leave for the forgiveness and sacrificed by the feelings for his marital life and here suffers from the difficulty of forgetting because No one teaches us how to forget and how not to waste our age in the illusion of emotions and emotional disasters experienced by the girl caused by surrender to emotion and the arbitration of reason and logic.