Relations behind closed doors

Relations behind closed doors

In many relationships between a man and a woman there is a so-called "psychological proposition", namely that the person feels feelings without any logical reasons towards someone

These feelings are in fact old feelings stored towards another person
The person made an unconscious decision to be latent for a while, until someone else showed up to make them feel
Often this other person is the other party in the marriage relationship.

Psychological subtraction within relationships:
Psychological projection is the way to direct feelings, ideas and behaviors towards a particular person in the present
But the roots of these feelings, thoughts and behaviors are people and past attitudes
These feelings can be love, hate, anger, rejection or attachment, etc.
When you see a member of the opposite sex and feel his love from the first look
And feel that he is the finest being in existence, without speaking to him one word
This means that these feelings are likely to be directed at someone else in the past
And you have dropped them in the present, which casts a shadow on the emotional relationship before marriage
One of the most intractable relationships is the relationships that take place without seeing the other side
Such as love relationships remotely, so be careful when entering these relationships
When you find yourself feeling very quick, very, very deep feelings towards a new person
This means that there is a great possibility that these feelings are not real, but rather to put myself up to someone else.

The roles played within relationships:
As a result of the negative programming of social upbringing, each individual plays a particular role and has been imprisoned in this role unconsciously
He plays at the emotional level, and if he is not liberated from him, he plays in the relationship of the Muslim marriage
When a child receives a non-verbal message that he is not worthy
When he grows up and looks for a partner / life partner he will attract those who feel he is not worth it
If the nonverbal message in an early child's life is that you can not do something on your own
It will attract another party without it can not do anything and may be someone who does not rely on it from the ground
If the child becomes convinced that he will not be satisfied with whatever he does, he will attract a partner / life partner who is not satisfied with him whatever he does
In order to live again the same feelings that live within his family
Because these are emotions that he used to feel, and that's the result of negative programming since childhood
The individual here recreates the same scenes and the same events over and over, in order to live the same events that he is used to
Because he does not know that there are other different feelings
Even when he knows that there are other feelings, he feels that his feelings within the family are part of his identity
Therefore it is very difficult to abandon them and liberate them, because they have become part of their being
And she accompanied him for many years, so it would be abandoned like giving up an old friend, or giving up a part of yourself.

It is clear that the solution always exists, but the first way is to prepare to feel different feelings
Open your heart and your mind to pick up the opportunity to change your life, and accept the pain of abandoning your old feelings
In order to enjoy a new life full of feelings that you wish to live, you can communicate with a specialist in family guidance in order to help you in this,
The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: "Let one of you take a thankful heart, and a sana and a believing wife help him to his end." Narrated by al-Tirmidhi and modified by Ibn Majah.
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