Successful marriage and advice

Successful marriage and advice

Successful marriage is based on understanding, cooperation and partnership between the two parties and marriage is also a difficult task for the two parties because it requires the rapprochement between the doubles in terms of psychological, mental and religious ... ... Marriage is also a blessing from the blessings of God, On the greatness of God Almighty said (and from the verses that the creation of yourselves from pairs to dwell in it and make between you affection and mercy in that the verses of the people think) Marriage is a responsibility, it is necessary to those two parties to think well in this step so it does not entail unexpected results for example do not take them joy only Living with whom you love and who loves It is a strong responsibility for both spouses to share the other because the participation increased love, it is necessary for the spouses to try to please the other so that the love remains between them as it was and must create a stream of each of the stream to create inside the desire always that he needs to return home to find you and embrace him and there is also talk Between you and you. If one of you has a problem, the other should carry and listen to him calmly and stand beside him in order to have a happy married life and advice of married life also that both spouses should respect and respect their feelings for some, not to embarrass each other and do not mock some because this hurts the feelings and duties of women Towards her husband to take care of him all the time, the man as a child in the hands of women must be stylish and elegant all the time,

Very Important Tips:
* Be interested in his work must talk about his work after his return as a way to spend your day and so on

* She must also break the words of her husband and private in front of the family

* If anything is brought to her should thank him because this raises the value and much appreciated

* You have to discuss a lot about his ambitions and this is what the man loves in women and the partner of his life

* Make sure you always feel that you live for the maximum extent that also raises the Chana

* I love the parents and I respect them all the time like I totally destroyed them

* Speak with him in a language of femininity from time to time and also take care of the processing of a day of unusual and surprised

* Kony is a successful and fun woman because the man loves that woman

* It is the man's duty towards his wife to try to praise her all the time and hear her loved

* The husband should be able to give his wife a sense of security and stability because this is the most important thing that a woman needs from her husband

* Both spouses should not interfere with the people, whatever the reason, so that there is no harm or harm and the most important thing that each of the doubles must respect the other.

In this way, God willing, may be a happy marriage and the beginning of a calm and stable life .............