The balance between masculinity and femininity

The balance between masculinity and femininity

From a biological perspective, each of us, whether male or female, has male hormones and female hormones

That is, men have a certain proportion of testosterone responsible for masculinity, and a lower proportion of estrogen responsible for femininity
Women also have more estrogen than testosterone.

Masculinity and femininity from a psychological perspective:

Mental masculinity is responsible for dignity, determination, challenge and perseverance
Psychological femininity is responsible for tenderness, closeness, affection, compassion, kindness, cardio, etc.
For her, the woman has a psychological masculinity that makes her brave and responsible for some time and does anything to achieve her goal
And psychological femininity within them that make them in other situations filled with affection, love, kindness, motherhood, tenderness, kindness and tolerance
When there is a balance between masculinity and femininity there is a balance in the relationship of the Muslim marriage.

The roots of dysfunction in femininity and masculinity:

When the child cries since his young age, he is surprised that his parents are rebuking him and telling him the man does not cry and he is a man so he is not allowed to cry
Therefore, the child takes a completely unconscious decision to bury the features of real femininity balanced within it,
In order to be accepted within the community, because his father completely refuses to show it, and because real masculinity and real femininity are fully linked, the decision to bury femininity means the decision to bury the masculinity
Therefore, this child replaces the real masculinity with another fake ring
By appearing in a harsh, harsh, harsh and harsh manner, which affects the relationship of the Islamic marriage that is brought together by the other party
Because when there is a man who has a problem in the balance between masculinity and femininity within him is attracting a woman who has an imbalance between masculinity and femininity within her when dating
Because the thing attracts a similarity, since the woman since her youth if programmed that femininity weakness here take a decision to hide her femininity completely
So as not to be weak in front of others, making them resemble the boys in her words or dress or dealings.

Male and female origin of the universe:

The masculinity and femininity of the ancient Chinese are Yang Wen, the female yen energy and male Yang's energy are the energies leading to anything in life
They need each other, because they complement each other, and do not exist without each other
The female yen has a static energy such as night, darkness, contraction, winter and cold
The male Yang energy is a moving energy generator, such as daylight, light, heat, sun and activity
Therefore, male or female energy can only exist in the universe, because the balance of the universe depends on the interconnectivity and overlap of the two energies together
As well as within the man and woman energy Yin and Yang, the secret in the balance of marriage is the balance of energy Yen and Yang within the two partners
This balance can be achieved by accepting yourself as you are, accepting your strengths and weaknesses.

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