Tolerance after the dissolution of the engagement

Tolerance after the dissolution of the engagement

Tolerance is the release of all the negative emotions that are felt when we feel tolerance. There is no sense of wanting to hurt the other side. Tolerance means filling oneself with love, sending love energy to everyone around us and getting rid of the feelings of hatred that resulted from the wound of breaking the engagement.
Tolerance is a good idea for the following reasons:
1. Feeling comfortable:
Eliminating the negative feelings that connect the girl to the past leads to enjoy life. Feeling guilty and blaming the other party for breaking the engagement will not solve anything and will not lead to a result. Negative feelings prevent the girl from achieving her goals in life. Tolerance leads to success in every aspect of life.
2. Good health:
Negative emotions lead to many diseases, mind and body affect each other. Tolerance heals mind and body and leads to the elimination of negative emotions.
3 - Stop suffering:
Then the girl should be forgiven for breaking the khutbah because what happened was not her mistake. The girl should ask herself whether her fiancé, who was wounded, is now in her life. Why do you suffer from something her former fiancé did? And how long will you suffer because of that? At every moment, the girl is not tolerated.
4. Start a new life:
After tolerance, the girl begins to live a new life and begin a new step in the path of her future and achieve her goals and move away from being a prisoner of the past and disassociate the families of the restrictions that link them to the past of her former fiance. Tolerance is a must until the girl reaches her future and wishes. Tolerance means carrying the memories of the former preacher with the girl at every step you take and here the heart is closed for everything beautiful about the girl
Steps of tolerance with the former preacher:
It is impossible to go back in time and change what has happened but can change the feeling about what happened whenever the girl suffered from the situation the more difficult it is tolerant and can go to the girl meditation sessions in order to open the heart to tolerance and open a new page with the self There are several steps must adhere In order to achieve tolerance:
Giving oneself a chance to grieve The former speaker has been lost and feeling sad is a natural thing at this time.

Getting rid of feeling the victim's position The more the girl feels victimized, the more the former fiancé is the ruler of her life and this is an obstacle to tolerance.

If the girl is wrong in the right of her former fiancé to ask him to allow him and if he did not forgive them to forgive herself, she asked to allow a refusal.

Self-indulgence by looking at the mirror every day and saying I forgive myself several times every day.

Start telling yourself that it is a new day and that it is recovering and healing starting from now.

Gratitude for everything in existence and thank God for all blessings such as food, drink and housing and everything makes a difference in the life of the girl must be appreciated all these blessings and record them for reading each period.

Focusing on someone else who suffers through volunteer work, the girl gets out of her concentration and finds out that there is someone else in this world who suffers more.

Surrounding the self with positive people so that the positive energy moves them to the girl and must reject the idea of sitting at home and wailing and blame the circumstances for what happened.

Good planning for the day so that there is no free time or waste of time.

Read novels and books for wider knowledge and in order to increase self-confidence and waste time in something useful.

When needed you can go to a specialist in order to help the girl.

Thinking about the positive aspects that have been learned from the previous preacher, whether it is knowledge, skill or anything. If the girl can not determine that, you should think about these positive aspects after a while when the girl can.

It is clear that tolerance generates tremendous positive energy in the human psyche and eliminates negative energy in the soul, making life happier and more comfortable. This makes the girl look forward to seeing new eyes that are completely different from the previous blackness. The girl wishes.