Silly thoughts destroy marital happiness

Silly thoughts destroy marital happiness

God Almighty says in Surat Al-Rum: "And among His signs is that He created for you among yourselves wives to dwell in, and to make between you affection and mercy, there are signs for those who think." There is no doubt that an Islamic marriage that is filled with feelings of satisfaction, peace, happiness, love and compassion is one of the most important dreams of every young man and girl. , But there are many ideas characterized by absurdity makes the relationship between the parties impossible happiness and these ideas feel uncomfortable between the two, because these ideas act as barriers to prevent the parties any feelings of beautiful, and these ideas include:

1. Married life is difficult:

This idea is one of the most ridiculous ideas, and marital life is not difficult, but it requires the effort of the parties to make the relationship successful, and the mutual effort of both parties must start from the time of the engagement. If each side bears its own part of responsibility, married life will not be difficult.

2 - If the other party loves me it will change for me:

This is one of the most legendary ideas that fill the minds of young men and women, but no one changes without his permission. Change is a self-effort. No one can force anyone to change. The function of each party in the relationship is not the other. he is .

3 - married life means that I am responsible for the happiness of the other party:

This is another very common and dangerous idea that brings life within an Islamic marriage institution to an unbearable hell, as a result of anger and guilt as a result of taking responsibility for the happiness of the other party. But the truth is that happiness is an internal decision and no one is responsible for happiness.

4 - Tips parents and friends always infect:

This idea is one of the most destructive ideas that destroys the relationship between the spouses. Assuming that parents and friends have golden advice for the success of the relationship between the two parties works to destroy the relationship between the two parties, because in most cases parents and friends are not sufficiently familiar with the needs of the human soul and its needs. To deal with the challenges, so it is useful when a crisis with the life partner to consult a specialist in family relations and mental health in order to help him to the success of his marriage, and can begin to do so since the engagement.

5 - married life is the end:

Many girls consider marriage life to be the end of life for them. They bury their dreams, goals, and things they want to achieve after they get married. This makes them miserable women who have little self-confidence, which makes them feel wasted and have no value. Society and not even in front of their husbands, so it is very important that the girl set goals and step in achieving them must match these goals with her marital life, so as not to achieve its goals at the expense of her relationship with her partner.

6. Marital happiness does not exist in the real world:

This idea destroys the relationship between the couple in a very ugly way. It assumes that all couples suffer from misery, misery and misery, but there are many couples in this world who feel happy with their life partners.