Causes and problems of the end of marriage

Causes and problems of the end of marriage

There is no doubt that marriage is a blessing from God’s grace to a man and a woman, as it contains affection, mercy, safety and stability
So God Almighty says in Surat Al-A’raaf: “He is the one who created you from one soul and made her her husband to live in it.”
But there are many men and women who end their marriage, and this happens due to many reasons, including the following:
Problems within the marriage relationship:
The persistent problems between men and women within the relationship of marriage, which continue for a long period of time, deplete the psychological and physical energy of the party, both of which are working to create psychological problems for the children as a result of shaking their feeling of family security and stability. These repeated problems serve to sow the seeds of doubt in the psyche of the children regarding the entitlement of a relationship Love with a future life partner in a marriage relationship and when the spouses are tired of continuing family problems, then the end of marriage becomes the only solution to family problems.

Feeling disrespectful within marriage:
One of the most important feelings that the two parties search for inside marriage is the feeling of respect, so when there is no feeling of respect in marital relations, one or both parties search for appreciation outside of marriage

By entering into illicit emotional relationships in order to satisfy a feeling of respect that is not satisfied in a marriage relationship.

Not dealing with problems within marriage:
Among the reasons for the end of marriage is silence on the problems that beset marriage, when the two parties avoid communication about family problems, this increases the problems between the spouses because the problems here will not be solved on their own, but they increase, accumulate, and lead to an explosion within the family, as a result of leaving family problems Unresolved, which increases the gap between the two parties within marriage, which leads to killing love between the two parties, something that leads to the desire to end the marriage because no one here benefits from this relationship that died between the two parties.

A great lack of intimate relationship between the two parties in marriage:
The intimate relationship between the spouses works to strengthen the bond between them as it allows for a deeper level of communication between them. The intimate relationship works to alleviate the daily pressures faced by both parties, as it increases feelings of friendliness, familiarity, love, interdependence, tranquility and security within marriage, and therefore when there is a lack of intimate relationship within marriage The relationship here faces a problem that prevents the couple from continuing the relationship in a healthy way, and there are several marital relationships that end due to problems in the intimate relationship between the two parties.

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