Common mistakes are made when a divorce occurs

Common mistakes are made when a divorce occurs

There are several mistakes committed by some people at the time of divorce, including:

1 Take legal advice from anyone:
Not all people are experts in the law, so when you take legal advice and act on it, you are harming yourself because that would make things worse

So you have to search for trustworthy people for a long time in law to consult them so they can help you and support you and stand by you in this difficult time of your life

2 talk bad about the partner of life before the children:
The father and mother for the children are very important people involved in the psychological construction of them and interfere in their self-image of themselves

When children hear insulting words about one parent on the other parent's tongue, this destroys the image of the parent in their imagination, and this impedes their psychological growth.

3 Lack of planning for life after divorce:
Among the mistakes committed is that the person continues to deny and does not plan his life after the divorce does not put a certain vision and no specific goals and then divorce and find the same person feel loss and lack of self-confidence and helplessness and helplessness does not know what exactly does at this stage of his life Its blurry and indistinct

4 Speeding Up Marriage Again:
This is a very common mistake that occurs because a person can not bear the idea of his unit and wants to break this unit in any way or wants to stir the jealousy of the former partner of life or want to take revenge or to draw attention or to keep the tongues of people who always tell him that it is defective or suffer from The community looks at him and decides to get married again and quickly and without his wounds being closed that bleed from divorce

This leads to a very unhappy marriage as a result of haste and bad choice and a person may suffer from divorce again as a result of all these reasons combined

5. Living in the past:

This is a mistake that is common among people who have experienced the divorce experience Here the person lives in the past and imprison himself inside and bemoans his marital life, which failed and blame himself and blame his former partner and blame any other people for what happened

And this of course makes him not enjoy the blessings that God has given him because he focuses only on a certain point is his marital life that did not continue and this leads to feelings of anger and blame and sadness and not accept the current situation and therefore not deal with him successfully